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Mayor Kevin Cotton

On behalf of the citizens of Madisonville, I want to welcome you to our charming city—full of community-minded people who are excited about the future. We hope you find the friendly hospitality of our town to be warm and inviting! 


Madisonville is in a season of change. Wherever you travel in our city, change continues to take place. From the heart of our historic downtown to the outskirts of our city limits, we are seeing the addition of new businesses, improved infrastructure, and community development. 


It is exciting to see the support we have garnered from our community for the changes that we're making and it's encouraging to know that the citizens of our great city are on board with us. We are getting our employees in the right positions, giving them the tools they need to succeed and making sure that our tax dollars provide the best return on investment for our community. We are a government that was voted into place by the people and it is the people that we are focused on catering to. 


As we continue to work together, we are seeing long-lasting effects that we are able to continue to build on with each passing year. As the results become more apparent, we are getting more and more interest from local and surrounding communities and continuing to see the fruits of our labor and provide us with an opportunity to come together. 


More About Our Mayor

Kevin Cotton has spent his entire career serving.  He has dedicated his business and personal life to helping others.  He and his wife, Donna, have opened their home as foster parents for over 15 years.  Throughout that time he has been a place of refuge for over 35 kids within our region.  Their dedication resulted in being recognized as Foster Parents of the Year by the state of Kentucky.  When asked, why he thinks fostering is important, his answer is “I’ve always thought of it as an opportunity to minister to and invest into children’s future that have found themselves in critical transitions.” 


Through his own private business, Kevin and his family of employees have consistently been recognized as a business that cares.  Kevin is always humble about their contributions to the community.  He will consistently divert the compliment over to his staff and his customers.  They have received the Small Business of the Year award from United Way, the Bill Corum Community Service Award, the Spirit Award from the Hopkins County Regional Chamber of Commerce and most recently they received the Messenger’s Reader’s Choice Award for Business that Gives Back.  All of these awards are not prominently displayed in the front of his restaurant, they are in the back of the restaurant where the employees can see them. 


Kevin cares about this community.  He listens to the employees of the city as they come in and have a quick lunch.  He hears the small business owners as they struggle to survive.  He sincerely just wants to make a difference. 


His motto: Let’s Elevate: Every Business; Every Home; Every Person.

Powers and Duties

​The executive authority of the city shall be vested in and exercised by the Mayor. The Mayor shall enforce the Mayor-Council Plan, city ordinances and orders, and all applicable statutes. He shall supervise all departments of city government and the conduct of all city officers and employees under his jurisdiction and shall require each department to make reports to him required by ordinance or as he deems desirable.

The Mayor shall maintain liaison with related units of local government respecting interlocal contracting and joint activities.

The Mayor shall report to the Council and to the public on the condition and needs of city government as he finds appropriate or as required by ordinance, but not less than annually. He shall make any recommendations for actions by the Council he finds in the public interest. (KRS 83A.130(3)

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