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Adopt- A- Spot
Sometimes all it takes is one person to help keep Madisonville clean.
You can be that one person by adopting your very own spot!

Are you interested in Adopting A Spot?

Check out the map link below to find available Adopt-A-Spots in Madisonville. Once you've found one that suits you, please review the guidelines and complete the application form.


Whether you're an individual or part of a business/organization, you're welcome to participate. The goal of Madisonville's Adopt-A-Spot program is to enhance the environment and appearance of our community. It encourages individuals, organizations, and businesses to adopt public areas in the city and maintain them.


Sites vary in size, from large areas suitable for group sponsorship to smaller spots manageable by individuals.


Adopters pick up litter, plant flowers, pull weeds, and more!


Key points And Guidelines

  • Any individual 18 years or older, community group, church, children’s organization (supervised), business, or other group may participate in the program. 

  • Public areas within the city limits are streets, parks, vacant lots, schools, and other publicly held lands. 

  • Program participants commit to cleaning up and maintaining the adopted area for at least two calendar years. 

  • Living plants shall be planted in adopted spots (see guidelines). 

A sign recognizing the sponsor’s effort will be placed upon completion of an Adopt-A Spot contract and site readiness. 


Safety Tips

  • Wear bright colors for visibility and maintain awareness of surroundings.

  • Use protective clothing, including gloves, hard-soled shoes, and a safety vest.

  • Work only during daylight hours and in favorable weather conditions.

  • Ensure adult supervision for young participants.

  • Avoid working during peak traffic times in your area.

  • Recycle materials whenever possible.

  • Refrain from using headphones or earbuds and always work with a partner.

  • Exercise caution around hazardous and sharp objects while collecting trash.

  • Stay alert and be mindful of surroundings in high traffic areas.

  • Avoid dangerous situations and walk towards the flow of traffic.

  • Stay hydrated and apply sunscreen regularly.

Send us pictures of your hard work! Please email to or on Facebook Messenger at The City of Madisonville. 

Available Spots

Take a look at all of our available SPOTS for you to adopt!

Arch Street
Across from fairgrounds
Sugg Street
Railroad Street
Railroad Street #2 - View 1.webp
Railroad Street #2 - View 2.webp
Railroad Street
Railroad Street #3.webp
Railroad Street
Railroad Street #4 - View 1.webp
Railroad Street #4 - View 2.webp
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