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Moving to Madisonville
Discover the charm of a small community with big connections, nestled amidst wide-open spaces, offering a plethora of options and benefits. Here in Madisonville, you'll find everything you need within reach, without the hustle and bustle of navigating a metropolitan area. Whether you're seeking exciting urban adventures or serene rural retreats, Madisonville's prime location ensures you're never far from either.
Why Madisonville?
Madisonville has proudly carried the title of "The Best Town on Earth" for nearly a century, and for good reason. Many of us who have either arrived or returned home to Madisonville can attest to the truth behind this motto. As you embark on your journey to Kentucky, we invite you to explore all that Madisonville has to offer.

Quality of Life

Embrace a life filled with adventure, relaxation, and community engagement in Madisonville. With the largest variety of outdoor recreation and adventure opportunities in Kentucky, there's something for everyone to enjoy. From hiking trails to golf courses to local sports events, the possibilities are endless. Immerse yourself in a community brimming with pride and camaraderie, where opportunities for social support and engagement abound.

White Picket Fence

Madisonville and the communities of Hopkins County offer many opportunities for fun, food and relaxation.

Boasting with community pride, there are a host of opportunities for community engagement and social support awaiting you ​when you move here.  Madisonville also offers the largest variety of outdoor recreation & adventure in Kentucky. 

Explore the  opportunities open to you here in "The Best Town on Earth."

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  • Eat

  • Events

  • Shopping

  • Safety

  • Healthcare

  • Transportation

  • Worship

  • Childcare

  • Parent Groups

  • Children & Youth Activities

  • Education

  • Civic Organizations

  • Networking Groups

  • Fitness/Gym


Conveniently situated, Madisonville provides easy access to a myriad of opportunities. Experience the simplicity of living your life entirely within the city limits while enjoying the vast array of services and activities available. From bustling city life to tranquil countryside escapes, Madisonville's location sets it apart as an ideal destination for relocation.

Image by Joshua Michaels

Madisonville is handy.
It’s a small community with big connections, set amid wide-open spaces, and that conveys a lot of options and benefits. When you move here, you’ll notice how completely you can live your life all within Madisonville. Without leaving the city limits, you will have plenty of interesting things to do and convenient access to almost any service you need, without taking on the congestion and complexity of navigating a metropolitan area. On the other hand, you also can quickly put yourself in the middle of either calm and beautiful remote settings or throbbing and exciting large cities. Madisonville’s location is one of the prime differentiators that make it a great place to which to move.

Percent of U.S. Within 600 Miles of: Hopkins County

Population: 44%
Personal Income: 56%
Retail Sales: 40%
Manufacturing Employment: 51%

Cost of Living

Stretch your dollar further in Madisonville, where the cost of living is notably lower compared to other areas. Whether you're considering housing, transportation, or everyday expenses, you'll find that your budget goes a long way here. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with financial stability and affordability.

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 Cost-of-Living Index

 Cost-of-living index … median home price … transportation costs associated with gasoline, commuting and auto insurance … most any way you want to measure it, stuff just tends to cost less in Madisonville.


It’s another key reason to move to Madisonville: Your dollar goes farther here.


As of March, 2023

Economic Opportunities

Discover a diverse range of employment opportunities in Madisonville and Hopkins County. From manufacturing to healthcare to agriculture, our region offers a dynamic economy with room for growth and innovation. Whether you're pursuing a career in healthcare, agriculture, or manufacturing, Madisonville welcomes you to explore and apply your talents in our thriving community.


In Hopkins County, our major employers range from distributors of apparel and restaurant supplies, to manufacturers of aircraft engines and automotive components, to providers of lunch meat and mining equipment. Our local hospital, Baptist Health Madisonville, serves as one of the two classroom and primary clinical sites for a graduate program in nurse anesthesia, as well as the home of a three-year training program for physicians who have completed their medical degree and wish to pursue a specialty in family practice.

Our county has experienced growth in its number of smaller farms, as well as the diversity of individuals and businesses adopting innovative practices in and around agriculture. Madisonville has an expanding array of industries for you to explore and apply your talents.

Workforce Clusters 

Logistics and Distribution

Labor Shed: 254K 

Unemployment Rate: 4%

​I grew up and spent my entire life in Madisonville, KY up until it was time to leave for college. I attended Murray State University where I met my husband. Immediately after our college graduation, we moved to California. From there we were transferred to Oregon, North Carolina and then to the Virginia/Washington D.C. area over the span of four years. At this time I became pregnant with my first daughter and we knew that life on the move wasn’t ideal for us anymore. We wanted to come HOME. Home for my Husband was Owensboro, KY and while it was not out of the question, my husband was immediately given the opportunity to work in Madisonville with a family owned small business and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to begin our family in the same place I was raised. In 2014, a month before I delivered my daughter, we moved to Madisonville and have never looked back. The growth we’ve witnessed in our town in 6 years has been so encouraging to us. This community is full of individuals with big dreams. The small town feel offering big city dreams through small, unique businesses is the perfect combination of happiness for us. We’ve lived all over the United States, experienced joy everywhere we’ve lived, but the quaint feel we have here, makes this home. 

Mallory Dickerson Johnson
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