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Zoning & Permits

Mission Statement

The Madisonville Zoning & Permit Office is committed to progressive building and the development and effective enforcement of adopted codes and ordinances to meet the needs and concerns of all its citizens. This site has been designed to provide information, forms, and regulations, which will be of assistance to you. We will endeavor to provide the citizens of Madisonville courteous, efficient and responsive services at all times. Please feel free to contact our office with questions, comments and/or concerns you may have.

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Historic District

In order to protect the general health, safety and welfare of the public, including to classify, regulate and restrict the use and location of buildings designed for specified uses; to regulate and determine the area of yards, courts and other open spaces surrounding buildings; and to regulate the density of population and to realize the general purposes set forth in the Zoning Ordinance, the City is divided into zoning districts.

Mandy Todd
Phone: (270) 824-2108

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Frank Wallace

Phone: (270) 824-2196


Bonnie Smith

Phone: (270) 824-2108

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