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Public Works Department

Tracy Logan
Phone: (270) 824-2117
Sometimes the efforts of departments that service the City of Madisonville are obvious, everyone is familiar with first responders and community leaders, but the Madisonville Public Works Department are the men and women that keep this city running day in and out, at all times of the day and in every kind of weather. When the roads are covered in ice, when it is time to pick up your trash, when the sidewalk needs fixing, when a road sign needs to be replaced, when the street is flooding, when the pothole has gotten out of control…these are all responsibilities that belong to the Department of Public Works.


Their duties don’t end there and can’t be defined in only a few sentences. They are responsible for residential trash and recycle pickup, servicing commercial dumpsters, servicing construction, industrial, or residential contractors within the city limits of Madisonville for commercial dumpster roll-off, limb pickup, bulk item pickup, seasonal leaf pickup, functioning as a transfer station, operating as a full-service recycling center, snow and ice control during inclement weather, repairing broken and buckled sidewalks, installing new sidewalks, maintaining or creating curbs, street sweeping city gutters, blacktopping, cold mixing potholes, maintaining ditches, maintenance and construction of storm drains, catch basins, headwalls, curb inlets and French drains, blocking off roads for special events and maintaining streets and identification signs.

Public Works Department

Mission Statement

The Madisonville Public Works Department will effectively and efficiently serve the residents, businesses and industries of the City of Madisonville by providing exemplary customer service, which includes Madisonville Public Works Department staff responding to inquiries in a timely manner, consistently displaying a positive, courteous and helpful attitude and being proactive problem solvers by resolving citizens' concerns in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

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