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Faster, Better Growth Takes Root at MCC

Yaneth Peach, of Greenhouse Harvest, is the founder of a Honduran company that offers new varieties of fresh lettuce, microgreens, aromatic herbs and all kinds of leaves that contribute to healthy and nutritious food. What really separates Yaneth's technique from the rest is that hers doesn't require soil to be successful.

Peach's Honduran-based company works to develop differentiated healthy products through continuous innovation, hydroponics and innocuity, in harmony with the environment, to contribute to improving the quality of life of all Honduran society.

The word, Hydroponic, comes from Latin and means working water, in simple terms meaning the art of growing plants without soil. There are countless methods that can be used and considered to align with true hydroponics, however, Yaneth's has her own approach. Using a cycle of planting seeds, they rest for 10 days and will then be transplanted into a specific slot in her environment-controlled greenhouse. After an additional 40 days, the plant will be ready for harvest. If things go according to schedule, after 50 days Peach will be harvesting crops on a weekly basis.

Peach is currently working with April Duncan, Instructor of Agriculture at Madisonville Community College. Duncan is learning the technique directly from Peach in order to teach future students. Once the process is underway, this will be used as a lab for multiple courses at MCC allowing for an in-depth, hands-on learning opportunity for students honing their own green thumb.

For more information, you can look to April Duncan or Yaneth Peach through email correspondence. Respectively, or

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