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Creating Unity in our Community

The City of Madisonville was honored to participate in a community forum last night held by the Concerned Citizens Society. The group includes community leaders from across all sectors throughout Hopkins County and had twenty-four attendees at the first meeting that proved to be both productive and constructive.

“One thing I can say about this community is that we have unity in this community,” said Mayor Kevin Cotton. “I am grateful to be in this room. I am grateful to be working towards breaking down barriers so that Madisonville can become the Best Town on Earth for everyone who calls it home and not just a select few.”

President Bill McReynolds chose members so that various industries, churches and organizations were represented to create a group that allows for real progress to begin in our community. The priority for this group is to have the welfare of the people, all people, in mind.

“I think it is time for us to see what we can do past talking,” said Reverend Marvin Hightower. “I think we can look at coming together to make a plan to move forward. We have good people in place to advance race relations within our own community.”

With problems involving race relations becoming a constant fixture in the media, this collective group is confident of being in front of a potential problem before it ever has the opportunity to arise or fully develop. The meeting began with open dialogue that discussed every individual’s personal feelings on racial relations within our own community.

“We have more similarities than differences,” said member Glenda Wade, “but we allow our differences to keep us from being similar. We can use this as an opportunity to come out of a box and start growth and development with those who look different from us.”

All attendees were unanimous that they are grateful to be part of a group looking to identify solutions instead of looking to identify more problems. The group aims to discuss popular topics such as healthcare, education, economic development, racism and more to come together to better understand each other while collectively working towards a common goal to elevate the community.

“This group will allow us to stop looking at our feet where we are now,” said Judge Executive Jack Whitfield. “It will allow us to stop looking at the past and look ahead to our collective future.”

While the group is focused on addressing the issue of race, they are also focused on using this group as a platform to improve the unity in our community and define new ways for it to grow to increase tourism and our total population. With an attitude of “getting past the stereotypes,” this group is looking to get down to business and start making actionable changes to create a better overall environment for our entire community.

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