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A New Meaning to RoboCop

Madisonville Police Department unveiled a new tactical robot on March 6, 2019. The new piece of modern technology is one of only a handful available in the entire state of Kentucky.

We aren't talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger, humans turned cyborgs or a dystopian, crime-riddled future, but we're talking about the Robotex Avatar III. The robot's capabilities include allowing trained officers to reach out to 300 meters from wherever the remote control is. It includes an infrared camera, two-way radio capacity and video/audio recording. The battery can last for multiple hours, it can maneuver up stairs and will be incredibly beneficial to officers in standoff or dire situations.

The robot cost around $27,365 which was originally fronted by the City of Madisonville, but which will be around 98% paid back through a grant secured by Major Andy Rush through the Department of Homeland Security.

With a three-year warranty, this robot has the opportunity to allow local officers to operate under safer circumstances in situations where sending in personnel is not idea. This will allow MPD to resolve situations without risking their officer, without using force, and ideally with optimal results.

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