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Lawrence &

Joe Nichols

About the event

Friday Night Live is part of our summer concert series that provides top-notch musical entertainment, food and retail vendors, a Kids 

Zone bursting full of inflatables and activities, a beer garden with local and craft vendors, a West End stage promoting local talent and so much more! Did we mention this is FREE for the entire family? In Madisonville, we charge a 0.03% restaurant tax when you eat out at local places. That money is all funneled into a fund that is used to promote tourism within our city limits. Our Friday Night Live events are just one example of how that money is used and because of it, we offer a family-friendly environment full of things to do at no cost to you! 


June's Friday Night Live is officially our first FNL (and event) of the 2019 calendar year, and it is going to be BIG! We've scheduled Tracy Lawrence and Joe Nichols on the main stage as your co-headliners with Alonzo Pennington and the Extraordinary Gentlemen leading up the West End Stage. 


During our kickoff event, we tried to think of a theme that would help to elevate the overall experience and we came to a unanimous decision to theme the entire event towards honoring veterans and the impact they have on our community and each of us as individuals. We are taking this Friday night in June, which happens to be Flag Day, to honor the men and women who have dedicated their lives to preserving our freedom and safety. 


We will be hosting the FIRST EVER Veterans 5K that will allow runners and walkers alike the opportunity to get some exercise in before the event while allowing us to raise money for some local organizations, as well as unveiling the Hometown Heroes initiative that same day! 

about Hometown heroes

Earlier this year, we had already decided that we wanted to honor veterans, but we wanted to take it a step further and begin acknowledging specific individuals who have helped to make this country, and our community, what it is today. 

We launched a Hometown Heroes initiative where we accepted nominations from the community for local active duty and veteran men and women who they felt deserved to be honored during the FIRST EVER Hometown Heroes Initiative. Those selected will be featured on light post banners that will be flown multiple times each year to bring awareness to our men and women in uniform.


While only 40 individuals will be featured on light post banners, each nominee will be honored through social media between April and June because we feel that every single nominee is a hero. 

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about veterans 5k

Pull out your Nikes, or Brooks if you're a serious runner, and join us for our first ever Veterans 5K! This event will be held in downtown Madisonville with registration available through the application here or on the day of the event starting at 4:00 PM! This walk/run is designed to bring awareness to veterans and active duty military and directly benefit programs that coincide with their mission.


Each registration fee of $25 will add up and be evenly split among the Western Kentucky Veterans Center, VFW Post 5480 and American Legion Post 6. We sincerely thank you in advance for being a part of this event to give back to our local community and honor those who consistently keep us safe. 


The run route can be viewed here. Registration will begin at 4:00 PM in front of FUB Plaza. The race will start approximately at 5:00 PM. The 5k run features a looping course beginning on East Center Street, winding through scenic downtown Madisonville. First and second place awards will be given in each age group, as well as for overall men's and women's. Awards will be given out on FUB Plaza stage as part of the kickoff of the FNL event.


*Registration forms must be turned in no later than May 25, 2019, to ensure the correct shirt size! 


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About Tracy Lawnrence

Tracy Lawrence is one of the most recognizable voices in Country music with songs such as “Paint Me A Birmingham,” “Time Marches On,” “Alibis,” and “Find Out Who Your Friends Are.” The entertainer has enjoyed twenty-two songs on the Billboard top ten charts with eighteen number one singles, selling over thirteen million albums.                                    


The Multi-platinum CMA and ACM award-winning recording artist have helped shape the sound of Country music for two decades, recently celebrating twenty-years in music. Few country artists have ever known the kind of success that Tracy Lawrence has earned and the influence his iconic voice has contributed to the Country music genre.   


His music has inspired a whole new generation of entertainers and fans. Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan frequently pay tribute to the singer live in concert by playing his double-platinum hits like “Time Marches On” and Alibis.” Songs that help make Lawrence among one of the most played artists on the radio.   


Lawrence has set out to embark on the next chapter of his music career with his highly anticipated forthcoming studio album Headlights, Taillights And Radios to be released August 2013. The first single, “Stop Drop And Roll” written by hit songwriters Casey Beathard who penned Lawrence’s CMA and ACM award-winning hit “Find Out Who Your Friends Are” and Brandon Kinney, marks the singers first studio album in five years.   


Headlights, Taillights, And Radios is not just another release for Lawrence, it’s a testament to how his music continues to evolve and engage all generations of Country music fans. The 11-song collection features some of his most progressive music to date.  


Reflecting on the creative process when recording Headlights, Taillights And Radios Lawrence knew that he needed to push the envelope and creativity to a new level. “When recording the new album it was a very different process than I had ever done before,” said Lawrence. “We ended up recording the album in two parts, that’s just how it worked out. I started recording in the direction to make a more traditional County record. But as time progressed, I needed to explore and challenge myself musically. I wanted to go deeper and try a more edgy and progressive sound that reflected where I was going next. The combination really worked well for me and I think it will appeal to many different types of County music  fans.”


The album title Headlights, Taillights And Radios carries a signature meaning for the artist. “Headlights” looking to the future; “Taillights” celebrating the past; and “Radios” a tribute to his success on radio. 

Headlights, Taillights And Radios gives us a new Tracy Lawrence.  One that is sure to inspire and ignite a whole new generation of Country music.

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About joe nichols

As Joe Nichols began work on a brand new batch of old-school country music, he found himself looking back for inspiration. Back to his early career, back to true friends and the simple perfection of pure country music … back to things that never get old.

“Full circle is the term I would use,” the Arkansas native says about his new project, fittingly titled Never Gets Old. “The whole theme of the record is ‘Let’s get back to where it all began for me. Let’s get back to where my passion for music began.’”

From 2002’s Man With a Memory on, Nichols harnessed that passion as a steady hitmaker, racking up six Number Ones and eight Top 10s, including chart-topping modern classics like “Brokenheartsville” and “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off.” He’s a four-time Grammy nominee, an ACM, Billboard, CMA, and CMT Award winner, and his last album offering, Crickets, kept the success going, sending both “Yeah” and “Sunny and 75” to Platinum-certified Number One status.

But then four years went by – the longest span between releases of his career – as Nichols dug in to reconnect with his calling. In Never Gets Old, he’s done just that.

“Instead of us making something that’s built for instant success, the idea was ‘Let’s make something we’re gonna be proud of 30 years from now,’” Nichols explains. “I’m thinking less about what will work, and more about what I love.”

What Nichols loves has always been obvious. Growing up around friends who were into anything but country, he was different. Nichols was pulled in by the realness of singers like Merle Haggard and Marty Robbins, Don Williams, Keith Whitley, and George Strait, and that connection would inform his whole career. Even now with Never Gets Old, he’s happy to go against the grain.

“Hopefully the stuff we’re doing lasts a lot longer than today’s typical country record,” he says. “But I think the irony is that retro sounds are actually what’s fresh and new right now. All we had to do was what felt natural.”

Doing what felt natural has never been easier, as Nichols returned to the approach of his early albums. Working with Crickets producer Mickey Jack Cones and longtime collaborator and friend Brent Rowan– fiddles and steel guitar tempered tasteful modern sounds on nearly every mix, while that
understated (but unmistakeable) baritone felt “better than it’s been in 10 years.”


Saying his goal was to sing with the most feeling possible and let whatever came out of his soul land on the record, Nichols ended up with 12 tracks that bound between spirit and sentiment, courage and cleverness, romance and rowdy fun, all wrapped in the throwback style he’s spent a lifetime pursuing.

Lead single and title track “Never Gets Old” points the way. Written by Connie Harrington and Steve Moakler, Nichols says it reminds him of the mid-’80s country era, a song that “wasn’t necessarily deep, but it was meaningful.”

With a swaying front-porch groove, it features laid-back acoustic guitars and accordions that waft in with the breeze, as Nichols ponders the moments that keep love fresh – like watching his wife laugh, holding her hand, and ending each day in a tender embrace. Nichols says he knew it was special when all three of his kids started singing along the first time they heard it.


Tracks like “This Side of the River,” “Billy Graham’s Bible,” and “We All Carry Something” are charged with soul-stirring power, while “Diamonds Make Babies” and “So You’re Saying” inject the project with heartwarming fun. But it’s a bit of carefree craziness adapted from his live show which is sure to leave listeners with the biggest smile – an honest-to-goodness country cover of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s hip-hop favorite, “Baby Got Back.”

What began as a joke between Nichols and his band years ago went on to become a beloved moment onstage, and now it caps off Never Gets Old, proving that whatever this veteran song stylist sings, it’s gonna sound country. Nichols and his team invited comedian Darren Knight and his “Southern Momma” character to revamp the iconic spoken-word parts, and what came out in the studio was so much fun it had to be included on the album.

“Everybody was laughing that day,” he says. “It was out-of-the-blue and we never thought we’d put it on a record. But when it was done I was like ‘This is nuts, but this actually kind of feels like it should have been a country record ... a goofy one, but still.’”

When Joe Nichols released his debut album, he was barely 20 years old and trying to put his youth behind him. Looking back now, he laughs at that thought, but some things never change. Back then he was scrappy and defiant about his quest to revive the traditional country, and that drive remains. In fact, he says it’s one of those things that never gets old.

“I feel like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be,” he says. “With my first album, there was this apprehension of ‘Is country music ready for a traditional country record?’ It was a little bit scary, but we went for it, and with Never Gets Old I still feel the exact same passion – it’s like ‘Let’s give it to them anyway.’ Now, I think country music is ready.”