The City of Madisonville is a governmental body that works to create a government "of the people, by the people and for the people" for our community. We aim to center our service on our people, our integrity as an organization, exceeding typical performance standards, outstanding customer service and unwavering commitment to continually do the best job possible for The Best Town on Earth.

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City Hall

67 N. Main Street

Madisonville, KY 42431

T: (270) 824-2100

8:00 AM- 4:00 PM

City of Madisonville, recently named Kentucky League of Cities Government of the year.





Asset Management:

  • On-going research and development of City-wide asset management system

  • 3 companies have shared their expertise in asset management programs with 1 more scheduled in January

Stormwater – MS4 Permit Related Activities:

  • Eric and James performed dry weather screening of the City’s stormwater outfalls on 12/5/19

  • Inspected 7 stormwater outfalls and found no signs of illicit discharges

  • Fish life was present at majority of the outfall locations

  • Surveys created by James Harrison on Survey 123 were used on Ipad device to collect and analyze data

  • MS4 permit requires dry-weather screening of all major outfalls during the permit term

  • Engineering Department is responsible for overseeing and performing the dry‑weather screening field assessment activities in accordance with the MS4 permit

City’s at Grade Rail Crossing on US41A/ Nebo Road:

  • Draft agreement from KYTC for upgrading the City owned crossing and signal with the US41A road widening project being reviewed

  • Estimate received from Road & Rail services for the work to be completed for crossing and signal


T-Hangar Airport Project:

  • Paving of taxiway and proposed T-hangar location was completed on 12/5 . 

  • Pollard and Sons started grading ditches and placing topsoil against pavement edge on 12/6-7

  • Electrical contractor to finish installation of lights once site soil conditions allow

  • After electrical is completed, remaining areas will be graded with topsoil and complete stripping of taxiway


  • Paving began on 11/26/19, completed taxiway and north side of existing/proposed T-hangar.  Remaining paving to be scheduled/completed when weather and site conditions allow.

  • Pollard and Sons to start removing temporary taxiway and start grading for ditches and placing topsoil against paving once site is stable.

  • Complete paving on Thursday 11/21 and Timmons to be onsite to to start installation of taxiway lights

  • After electrical is completed, sod topsoil areas and complete stripping of taxiway

  • Thursday (11/21) placement of P209 stone was completed by Scotty’s

  • Associated Engineers completed nuclear density testing on stone for compaction, passed test

  • Pollard and Sons to start removing temporary taxiway and start grading for ditches and placing topsoil against paving so electrical contractor can finish installation of lights

  • Wednesday (11/20) Scotty’s to pave if the P209 stone has cured, if not pave on Thursday.

  • Associated Engineers will on-site to test stone

  • Monday and Tuesday (11/18-19) placement of P209 stone

  • Associated Engineers will be on-site to test stone

  • P-154 stone was put in last week and will be completed on Friday and Saturday of this week (11/15-16)

  • Site being reviewed daily for work to progress forward.  Setting up trucks to start hauling stone on 11/15

  • Monday (11-04) Asphalt to be placed.

  • Friday (11-01) Scotty’s will place and shape P-209 base stone. Once it pass compaction and straight edge testing asphalt surface will follow.

  • Wednesday (10-30) Scotty’s will place the P-154 and shape stone to grade. If stone cures out and pass compaction P-209 base stone will be placed on Thursday or Friday.

  • Tuesday (10-29) Pollard and Sons will proof roll the sub grade re compact if needed and get site ready for P-154 stone.

  • Tuesday Barge to review stone report. If approved the following schedule is in place for work this week depending on weather.

  • Receive stone report from Scotty’s on Monday (10-28) afternoon.

  • Electrical contractor to finish installation of lights

  • Hoping to be completed with paving by 10/25 (weather dependent)

  • After electrical is completed, sod topsoil areas and complete stripping of taxiway

  • Grade/dirt work continues for the construction of an access taxiway and apron to proposed 6 Unit T-Hangars

  • Grade work should be completed by 10/15 and site will be sealed off with steel drum until rock specifications are met.

Brown Road Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project:

  • Approximately total of 910 feet of 15” PVC sewer pipe installed along with 4 manholes

  • Bypass pumping is moved as each new manhole is set

  • Gravity sewer line installation is now picking up pace as they are long strait runs

​​       Week 11-20: Approximately 200 feet of 15” PVC sewer pipe installed along with structure

  • Creek crossing was completed

  • Wastewater Collection Department armored creek bank at stream crossing location with riprap on 11/20/19

  • Subcontractor mobilizing on site 10/28 to perform borings under CSX railroad and Gill Field Road KY 892

  • Bore and jack completed under the CSX railroad and Gill Field Road

  • Trench boxes have been removed and back filled

  • Sewer pipe installation and manhole setting to begin this week

  • 6” bypass pump for creek was installed

  • Manhole grouted to fit exiting pipe

  • Steel encasement pipes have been welded and carrier pipe was inserted with spacers

  • Trench boxes set and on grade for borings

  • Scott & Ritter (contractor) mobilized on site, delivered materials, installed silt fence, and other erosion control, sawcut existing driveways and also pot holed for utilities.

Mahr Park:

  • Mahr Park road to Kayak launch drainage improvements and grade work along road should be completed this week (per Transportation)

  • Paving to be scheduled for following week weather permitting with Scotty’s

  • Mahr Park road to Kayak launch drainage improvements and grade work along road were completed last week by Public Works

  • Engineering inspected on 10/25

  • Final grading and compaction to occur on 10/28 by Scotty’s

  • Paving is scheduled for 11/5-6, dependent on weather

  • Mahr Park Road to Kayak Launch Drainage Improvements, Grading, and Paving:

  • Project complete


  • Paving of Odd Fellows cemetery completed on 11/15/19

  • Paving of Odd Fellows cemetery scheduled for 11/14-15

  •  Paving of Odd Fellows cemetery to be scheduled week of 11/4-8 with Scotty’s if ground conditions are suitable for paving


Madison Square Drive Drainage Repair/Replacement: 

Associated Engineers providing potential alignments/easements required for potential work

  • Engineering Department and Public Works inspected entirety of double barrel 6’ diameter culverts that are failing between Merle Norman and Tax Shop

  • Associated Engineers was contracted to perform the following with deliverable on 10/31:

    • detailed topographic survey of the pipe corridor

    • Site survey of the pipe corridor including all public utilities, building locations, and hard surfaces

    • A profile of the damaged pipes

    • Settlement monitoring points on site to determine settling issues

    • Recommendation to proceed with emergency work to repair/replace system

  • Quotes will be obtained following the site investigation by Associated Engineers to move forward with emergency work to repair/replace drainage system


McCoy Avenue Intersections: 

  • Field inspected intersections of McCoy – South Kentucky, South Scott Street, and Park Avenue for repairs/reconstruction that need to be completed.

  • Coming up with estimated budget cost to reconstruct these intersections with joint placed concrete.


5092 Rosemont Drive Repetitive Loss Property (Picture Attached)

  • Wastewater Collection capped sanitary sewer service on 11/27

  • Outreach for Police and Fire Training purposes on home

  • Police Department training on 12/10

  • Fire Department training scheduled for 12/12

  • Demolition by Steve Pleasant scheduled week of 12/16

  • Site restoration by Public Works to begin once demolition has occurred


  • Appraisal completed

  • Acquisition of property completed

  • Title Opinion, Deed Prep and closing completed

  • Water meter is scheduled to be pulled today and other property services connections to be capped next week (Water and Waste Water Collection)

  • Demolition to begin following utility removal – Steve Pleasant

  • Site restoration – Public Works

  • Administration

    • Cindy Young with Hopkins County Joint Planning Commission

    • Rhonda Bryant, Finance Department

    • Eric Hickman, Engineering Department

Grapevine Pedestrian Bridge:

  • 5 RFPs were received on 12/3

  • Scoring sheets were developed and 4 members will score each RFP individually

  • Top two or three consultants will be schedule for interviews