Asset Management:

  • On-going research and development of City-wide asset management system

  • 3 companies have shared their expertise in asset management programs with 1 more scheduled in January

Stormwater – MS4 Permit Related Activities:

  • Eric and James performed dry weather screening of the City’s stormwater outfalls on 12/5/19

  • Inspected 7 stormwater outfalls and found no signs of illicit discharges

  • Fish life was present at majority of the outfall locations

  • Surveys created by James Harrison on Survey 123 were used on Ipad device to collect and analyze data

  • MS4 permit requires dry-weather screening of all major outfalls during the permit term

  • Engineering Department is responsible for overseeing and performing the dry‑weather screening field assessment activities in accordance with the MS4 permit

City’s at Grade Rail Crossing on US41A/ Nebo Road:

  • Draft agreement from KYTC for upgrading the City owned crossing and signal with the US41A road widening project being reviewed

  • Estimate received from Road & Rail services for the work to be completed for crossing and signal


T-Hangar Airport Project:

  • Paving of taxiway and proposed T-hangar location was completed on 12/5 . 

  • Pollard and Sons started grading ditches and placing topsoil against pavement edge on 12/6-7

  • Electrical contractor to finish installation of lights once site soil conditions allow

  • After electrical is completed, remaining areas will be graded with topsoil and complete stripping of taxiway


  • Paving began on 11/26/19, completed taxiway and north side of existing/proposed T-hangar.  Remaining paving to be scheduled/completed when weather and site conditions allow.

  • Pollard and Sons to start removing temporary taxiway and start grading for ditches and placing topsoil against paving once site is stable.

  • Complete paving on Thursday 11/21 and Timmons to be onsite to to start installation of taxiway lights

  • After electrical is completed, sod topsoil areas and complete stripping of taxiway

  • Thursday (11/21) placement of P209 stone was completed by Scotty’s

  • Associated Engineers completed nuclear density testing on stone for compaction, passed test

  • Pollard and Sons to start removing temporary taxiway and start grading for ditches and placing topsoil against paving so electrical contractor can finish installation of lights

  • Wednesday (11/20) Scotty’s to pave if the P209 stone has cured, if not pave on Thursday.

  • Associated Engineers will on-site to test stone

  • Monday and Tuesday (11/18-19) placement of P209 stone

  • Associated Engineers will be on-site to test stone

  • P-154 stone was put in last week and will be completed on Friday and Saturday of this week (11/15-16)

  • Site being reviewed daily for work to progress forward.  Setting up trucks to start hauling stone on 11/15

  • Monday (11-04) Asphalt to be placed.

  • Friday (11-01) Scotty’s will place and shape P-209 base stone. Once it pass compaction and straight edge testing asphalt surface will follow.

  • Wednesday (10-30) Scotty’s will place the P-154 and shape stone to grade. If stone cures out and pass compaction P-209 base stone will be placed on Thursday or Friday.

  • Tuesday (10-29) Pollard and Sons will proof roll the sub grade re compact if needed and get site ready for P-154 stone.

  • Tuesday Barge to review stone report. If approved the following schedule is in place for work this week depending on weather.

  • Receive stone report from Scotty’s on Monday (10-28) afternoon.

  • Electrical contractor to finish installation of lights

  • Hoping to be completed with paving by 10/25 (weather dependent)

  • After electrical is completed, sod topsoil areas and complete stripping of taxiway

  • Grade/dirt work continues for the construction of an access taxiway and apron to proposed 6 Unit T-Hangars

  • Grade work should be completed by 10/15 and site will be sealed off with steel drum until rock specifications are met.

Brown Road Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project:

  • Approximately total of 910 feet of 15” PVC sewer pipe installed along with 4 manholes

  • Bypass pumping is moved as each new manhole is set

  • Gravity sewer line installation is now picking up pace as they are long strait runs

​​       Week 11-20: Approximately 200 feet of 15” PVC sewer pipe installed along with structure

  • Creek crossing was completed

  • Wastewater Collection Department armored creek bank at stream crossing location with riprap on 11/20/19

  • Subcontractor mobilizing on site 10/28 to perform borings under CSX railroad and Gill Field Road KY 892

  • Bore and jack completed under the CSX railroad and Gill Field Road

  • Trench boxes have been removed and back filled

  • Sewer pipe installation and manhole setting to begin this week

  • 6” bypass pump for creek was installed

  • Manhole grouted to fit exiting pipe

  • Steel encasement pipes have been welded and carrier pipe was inserted with spacers

  • Trench boxes set and on grade for borings

  • Scott & Ritter (contractor) mobilized on site, delivered materials, installed silt fence, and other erosion control, sawcut existing driveways and also pot holed for utilities.

Mahr Park:

  • Mahr Park road to Kayak launch drainage improvements and grade work along road should be completed this week (per Transportation)

  • Paving to be scheduled for following week weather permitting with Scotty’s

  • Mahr Park road to Kayak launch drainage improvements and grade work along road were completed last week by Public Works

  • Engineering inspected on 10/25

  • Final grading and compaction to occur on 10/28 by Scotty’s

  • Paving is scheduled for 11/5-6, dependent on weather

  • Mahr Park Road to Kayak Launch Drainage Improvements, Grading, and Paving:

  • Project complete


  • Paving of Odd Fellows cemetery completed on 11/15/19

  • Paving of Odd Fellows cemetery scheduled for 11/14-15

  •  Paving of Odd Fellows cemetery to be scheduled week of 11/4-8 with Scotty’s if ground conditions are suitable for paving


Madison Square Drive Drainage Repair/Replacement: 

Associated Engineers providing potential alignments/easements required for potential work

  • Engineering Department and Public Works inspected entirety of double barrel 6’ diameter culverts that are failing between Merle Norman and Tax Shop

  • Associated Engineers was contracted to perform the following with deliverable on 10/31:

    • detailed topographic survey of the pipe corridor

    • Site survey of the pipe corridor including all public utilities, building locations, and hard surfaces

    • A profile of the damaged pipes

    • Settlement monitoring points on site to determine settling issues

    • Recommendation to proceed with emergency work to repair/replace system

  • Quotes will be obtained following the site investigation by Associated Engineers to move forward with emergency work to repair/replace drainage system


McCoy Avenue Intersections: 

  • Field inspected intersections of McCoy – South Kentucky, South Scott Street, and Park Avenue for repairs/reconstruction that need to be completed.

  • Coming up with estimated budget cost to reconstruct these intersections with joint placed concrete.


5092 Rosemont Drive Repetitive Loss Property (Picture Attached)

  • Wastewater Collection capped sanitary sewer service on 11/27

  • Outreach for Police and Fire Training purposes on home

  • Police Department training on 12/10

  • Fire Department training scheduled for 12/12

  • Demolition by Steve Pleasant scheduled week of 12/16

  • Site restoration by Public Works to begin once demolition has occurred


  • Appraisal completed

  • Acquisition of property completed

  • Title Opinion, Deed Prep and closing completed

  • Water meter is scheduled to be pulled today and other property services connections to be capped next week (Water and Waste Water Collection)

  • Demolition to begin following utility removal – Steve Pleasant

  • Site restoration – Public Works

  • Administration

    • Cindy Young with Hopkins County Joint Planning Commission

    • Rhonda Bryant, Finance Department

    • Eric Hickman, Engineering Department

Grapevine Pedestrian Bridge:

  • 5 RFPs were received on 12/3

  • Scoring sheets were developed and 4 members will score each RFP individually

  • Top two or three consultants will be schedule for interviews