City Hall

67 N. Main Street

Madisonville, KY 42431

T: (270) 824-2100

8:00 AM- 4:00 PM

The City of Madisonville is a governmental body that works to create a government "of the people, by the people and for the people" for our community. We aim to center our service on our people, our integrity as an organization, exceeding typical performance standards, outstanding customer service and unwavering commitment to continually do the best job possible for The Best Town on Earth.

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Week of November 11th-November 15th 2019

Line crew :


                   -Pole & anchor changes- Summer, W. Center,

                   S. Main, McCoy,Shamrock

                   -Hopewell and Graves re-conductor

                   -Infrared repairs

                  -Transfer pole on Corum Dr.

Meter dept and crews:


                Billing Reads: Pride Ave., Wiman, Westmoor, Boggess, Daves, Waddill Ave, Grampian Hills, Lakeshore, Oak Hills, Hopewell, Winding Creek  

                Disconnects for Non-Pay: N Main, Otter Lake, Pride Ave, Wiman, Westmoor, Boggess, Grampian Hills, Lakeshore, Oak Hills, Hopewell, Winding Creek        

               Re-closer Inspections:

Weekly re-closer inspections          

Implementation Meter installs to expand remote accessibility across the city   

Update Geo-database and upload to ArcGis Online

Tree trimming:

             Brentwood, Lakeshore, and North Main