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 City Council

The Madisonville City Council consists of six members from the six wards of the city. Each term of office shall be for two (2) years.


The Madisonville City Council meets on the first and third Monday night of each month, at 4:30 p.m., provided that, if the regular meeting falls on a legal holiday, the meeting shall take place on the next day at the same hour.  The regular meetings of the City Council shall be held at the City Council Chambers, 77 N. Main St, Madisonville, KY 42431 at 4:30 p.m., prevailing local time. Special meeting of the Council may be called by the Mayor or upon written request of a majority of the Council.

The legislative authority of the city shall be vested in and exercised by the elected Council of the city. The Council shall not perform any executive functions except those functions assigned to it by statute.

city council final w background_email.jpg

ward one

Misty Cavanaugh

Misty C Ward 1 .jpg

ward two

tony space

Tony Space Ward 2.jpg

(270) 339-7025

ward three

adam townsend

Adam Townsend WArd 3.jpg

ward four
Larry Noffsinger

Larry Noffsinger Ward 4.jpg

(270) 584-5142


ward five

frank stevenson


Frank Ward 5.jpg

(270) 399-0449


ward six

Chad Menser

Chad Menser head shot.jpg
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