Current Projects

WEEK OF January 6, 2020:

Timmons Electric will be on hand Monday, January 6 to relocate the Lighting Jumper thus opening the new taxi-way tie-in.


- Timmons Electric installation of lights along the recently paved taxiway tie-in. Pollard will dress the remaining areas and remove the gravel taxi-lane, reshaped the drainage flow and placed the good gravel from the taxi-lane on the road leading to the T-Hangar area. They will sweep debris from the parallel taxiway. The AWOS tech was on site for their quarterly AWOS inspection.


-Pending weather: Pollard and Sons will establish dirt grade along the new blacktop edges.

-Remove the silt fence and clean up the job site.

-Timmons electric will install the new lights adjacent to the taxiway tie in and remove cable across taxiway. This will open the taxi-way up to traffic, which has been an issue for over a year.

-Routine maintenance will be done such as mowing. 


T- Hanger site overview, Paving will commence Wednesday/Thursday. Pollard & Sons will have to place dirt along the edge and seed the site, before Timmons electric can place the lights. Weather will play a role in both paving and electrical work. 


Pollard & Sons, Scotty's and Barge Design are all working at Airport Monday. They are "drying" the stone and touching up grade. Conditions may allow paving this week.

-Touch-up on paint continues and installation of new door hardware and furniture assembly.

-The airport will be CLOSED Thursday but Rick will be on-call as needed. 


- Barge design group will be looking at site on Monday.

-Pollard will continue to flat roll site, work around wet areas, and conduct compaction tests.

-Tuesday, they plan to place the rest of the first lift of stone and pave by the end of the week, weather dependent.

-Touching up on remodel and receiving additional furniture this week.

WEEK OF NOVEMBER 11, 2019: -The contractor should resume work on the T-Hangar project. We have additional rock to put down and the final effort will be paving. Paving will most likely be 8 to 10 days out. - IT department is running cables for our weather station and cell phone antenna. -Organization will continue as the new furniture has been put in place and final touches on remodel in place. 

-IT Department with assistance from Electric Department and his crew, installed the new cell phone booster and dismantled unused equipment on the antenna.

-IT department and Airport employees routed cable  through the ceiling for same as well as configuring equipment in the  flight planning room.

-Traffic has been good this week.

-Inmate labor repaired the fence breach near the T-Hangars where damage resulted from the July flood.

-T-Hangar project, zero activity this week other than Scotty's removing their equipment.

WEEK OF NOVEMBER 4, 2019: -Rock will be put down this week for the T-Hangar project. -Remodel work has almost been completed and new furniture has been ordered. 

WEEK OF OCTOBER 28, 2019: -Madisonville Police Department utilized the Airport this week for driver training -Public Works Department is finishing up the bathroom vanity's today. - Aladdin Electric will be here Wednesday  to install receptacles. -North Hopkins Water is repairing a main waterline break and will be without water for most of the day. -The FAA approved the rock mix. The forthcoming rain will dictate the next steps with the T-Hangar project.

WEEK OF OCTOBER 20, 2019: -Barge Design is waiting on FAA approval of stone mix via Scotty's. This should be done in the forthcoming week. Stonework is the next step and the taxiway tie-in has to be cut and on or near dirt grade. -Carpet removal has began as apart of the Airport remodel project. -Working on reconnect and organizing the Flight Plan Room. -With cooler weather brings on the need to check and winterize equipment - The County Public Works crew is replacing a culvert on Beckham Roberts Road and 2 residents will use airport property to access their homes during the event.

WEEK OF OCTOBER 18, 2019: -Ongoing T-Hangar project - M&G harvesting/mowing hay -The Military plans to have a sling load exercise Thursday October 17th through Sunday the 20th. This will involve helicopter traffic as well as ground vehicles.

-Hopkins County Jail Inmates will weed-eat the ditches this week - Prepping for Kid-a-palooza table and Helicopter arrangements - The traffic the past couple weeks has been high.